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David Day December 12, 2013 Resource - Public Forum / System Features

Guestdesk has just made it easier for you to drive additional revenue online.  We have upgraded the Additional Services a-la-carte module to include the following new features.  Take advantage of these new features today!

  1. Service Groups - Present services in bundled groups with custom group labels.  The overall group order  can be customized via the intranet, as well as the order of each service within each group.  One group can be configured to expand on page load.AS_AllClosed.png
  2. Detailed description - A detailed description may be optionally created per service.  The description can contain HTML and is defined using a visual HTML editor on the intranet.  The following two screenshots exemplify this feature using the "Ripleys Aquarium" service.AS_OnLoad.pngAfter clicking the "read more" link at the end of the short service description, the detailed description is displayed as shown below.AS_Details.png
  3. Service selection indicators - As each service is added to a customers itinerary, indicators mark the action.  The selected service background turns yellow, and an "Added To Itinerary" indicator is displayed. AS_Highlight.png
  4. Thumbnail size - The thumbnail representing each service can now be configured in three sizes;  small (100x200), medium (150x200), or large (200x200).  This is an overall setting for all services, not per service.  Note:  If service thumbnails are already in place and the size setting is increased (IE: small to large), new service images will need to be uploaded via the intranet.  ASThumbnailIntranet.png
  5. Overall page layout - The Additional Services overall page layout has be optimized to provide a great user experience for your customers.


Login to your intranet to get started with these new features today!

Note: Intranet configuration is required.  All of the new service settings can be found under the Additional Services (or Elements) tab of the intranet.  The one exception is the thumbnail size setting which can be found under the System settings, then General settings sub-tab as depicted in #4 above.





Bryce Pate February 22, 2011 Welcome to the Guestdesk Knowledge Base! / Announcements

David Day October 28, 2010 Welcome to the Guestdesk Knowledge Base! / Announcements


Guestdesk has finished the second phase of development in the ongoing project to give customers the ability to process payments in real time using the payment gateway.

The second phase has introduced the ability to set Recurring payment options and set date sensitive final settlement options. 

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David Day October 28, 2010 Welcome to the Guestdesk Knowledge Base! / Announcements


Guestdesk is proud to announce the development of the new GuestdeskMobile booking platform. 

The engine is designed to work directly off the existing information located in the existing Guestdesk Intranet

The engine can be customized to reflect the same look and feel customers have grown accustom to on your existing site.

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